Eight Days A Week(Cavern Club Front, Liverpool 2013)

I Saw Her Standing There(TACT, Ginza Tokyo 2015)

I Want To Hold Your Hand (Johnny Angel, Koiwa Tokyo 2008)

No Reply ~ Act Naturally (Johnny Angel, Koiwa Tokyo 2009)

While My Guitar Gently Weeps (TACT, Ginza Tokyo 2008)

All My Loving ~ I Feel Fine (Johnny Angel, Koiwa Tokyo 2009)

Drive My Car (Johnny Angel, Koiwa Tokyo 2009)

I Wanna Be Your Man ~ She Loves You  (Johnny Angel, Koiwa Tokyo 2008)
Twist And Shout  (Johnny Angel, Koiwa Tokyo 2008)
And I Love Her  (Johnny Angel, Koiwa Tokyo 2008)
Help!  (Sokehs Rock, Yoysuya Tokyo 2008)
Can't Buy Me Love  (Moondogs, Toranomon Tokyo 2008)
Eleanor Rigby (TACT, Ginza Tokyo 2008)




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